Alliance, Ohio: The City of Many Names

Alliance is one of the state’s most historic and mysterious towns. The first white settler in the area, Ezekiel Alliance, arrived in 1816 and laid claim to more than 19 square miles along the Cuyahoga River. While Alliance has changed significantly since then, it still maintains a small-town feel and continues to be an agricultural hub. The city of Alliance definitely has many different identities. It was originally named Forty Fort after its military outpost where soldiers were stationed during the War of 1812. As another nod to that history, the city adopted its current name in honor of General Winfield Scott who became famous for his role at Fort Recovery in Ohio during that war as well as for his victory over Mexico City in 1863.

Where is Alliance, Ohio?

Alliance is located in northwest Ohio, about 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland by car. The Cuyahoga River, which runs through its city limits, acts as a major artery connecting it with the rest of the state. As Alliance is located deep in the heart of agricultural Ohio, you’ll see plenty of fields and warehouses when you visit. The city is also known as the Corn Capital of the World and is home to several large-scale corn ethanol factories. Alliance’s government is run by a mayor and a five-member city council. The community is primarily made up of descendants of Dutch immigrants. One of the city’s most interesting attractions is the Alliance Bank of Commerce. Opened in 1880, the bank was the city’s first. It was also the first in the state. The bank has been renovated several times, each time with a different design. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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What to See in Alliance

– Echo Valley – Explore the surrounding area and find the historic, abandoned railroad tunnels that connect the city to nearby Bedford. A large portion of Echo Valley is part of the Bedford Farms National Heritage Area. You can visit the Bedford Mill and the Bedford Historic District or head to Bedford High School for some of the region’s signature corn production. – Historic Highways and Bridges – Alliance is home to several historic highways and bridges. If you are looking to learn more about the city’s history, these structures are perfect. You can also visit the Historic Highways and Bridge Commission to find more information on how to access these structures. – St. Mary’s Church – The city’s oldest building, St. Mary’s Church was built in 1829. Originally part of a Dutch Reformed Church, the building has been renovated several times. Inside, you can visit the original baptismal font and the War of 1812 clock. – Museum of Local History – Visit the city’s museum or continue to explore the surrounding area to find more historic sites. The museum is housed in a restored historic building and features stories about local history and artifacts.

Where to Eat in Alliance

Like many small towns, Alliance has an impressive list of diners. Whether you are looking for a classic or fancy diner, you will be sure to find it in Alliance. The city is also home to several quality restaurants in the surrounding area. – Knepp’s Diner – Knepp’s Diner serves up steaming hot breakfasts, juicy burgers, and delicious sandwiches. If you are craving fish and chips or a steak and baked potato, you will be happy to know they are all on the menu here. Be sure to visit the diner during the summer when they offer outdoor seating. – The Bluebird – The Bluebird is another diner to visit during the summer. With a wrap-around patio, you can enjoy a summer meal while taking in the city’s skyline. The Bluebird serves up classic American fare like burgers, sandwiches, and fish and chips.

Final Words: Is It Worth a Visit?

Alliance is a historic and quiet city located in the heart of agricultural Ohio. While you can explore many of the nearby historic sites like the historic bridges and highways, you may want to make the trip to see the historic St. Mary’s Church. This old building is one of the oldest buildings in the city and features original architectural features including a baptismal font from the 1800s. Alliance is also home to several agricultural attractions like the Bedford Farms National Heritage Area. This area includes the historic Bedford Mill and the Bedford Historic District, featuring architecture from the 19th and early 20th centuries. You can also find plenty of diners and American classics while exploring this historic town.

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